My name is Dennis Doggy and I am the owner of the company DOGGY BAGGY®.

Animals are friends® and DOGGY BAGGY® are both registered trademarks, and with these, I will create products that will teach children and young people about animal welfare, animal rights, and environmental protection, as well as produce them in the most sustainable way.

DOGGY BAGGY® is a newly started company and it will therefore take some time before the webshop is filled up with more products, but until then you can buy my first products, which is the e-book The Circus Elephant Who Didn’t Want To Performand other digital items. You can also sign up for my Newsletter, so you do not miss new products, offers, and blog posts.

The animals, nature, and DOGGY BAGGY® thank you for your support.

Buy with a clear conscience

DOGGY BAGGY® is a company that is aware about the environment.

The e-book is written in such a way that children learn about animal welfare, animal rights and nature conservation.

Too good to be true?

Nah, not at all! DOGGY BAGGY® is just filled with goodness.

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