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The following terms and conditions apply when you are at www.doggybaggy.uk.


This website is operated and owned by:


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Digital products are sent by email.


If you regret your purchase, you can use the 14-day right of return. As you have purchased a digital item, the right of return lapses the moment you have clicked on the link that you received after purchase. If you have not clicked on the link, you can send a message by using the return form and write that you have regretted your purchase. The link will then be canceled and you will receive your money back. 


All prices on the website are incl. VAT. When trading on the website, this is done via a secure connection and you can pay with Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, Maestro and Paypal.


DOGGY BAGGY® and Animals are friends® are both registered trademarks and all rights belong to DOGGY BAGGY®.

All text and illustrations on doggybaggy.uk belongs to DOGGY BAGGY®.

It is a criminal offense to copy and/or take screenshots of material on doggybaggy.uk

Any use of the DOGGY BAGGY® and Animals are friends® logos is punishable.

It is also a criminal offense to publish content from e-books and other content produced by DOGGY BAGGY® and this be the case on all social media, websites, radio, television, newspapers, magazines et cetera.

In case of violation of the rules you can be prosecuted and by sharing in places where the content can not be withdrawn for example in radio, magazines and television there will be started a compensation case.

It is permitted to transfer the pdf file to other devices, as long as these devices are owned by the buyer of the digital product. Any sharing or copying of the pdf file is punishable and this also applies to sharing to family members, friends, colleagues and others.

All digital products purchased through doggybaggy.uk do not include DRM. This is opted out to give you, as a customer, the best experience with your product. Without DRM, you can easily move your digital product between your devices and you can use your product without having to rely on an internet connection. This opt-out of the use of DRM should not be abused and any sharing of your digital product to devices other than those owned by you is punishable. When sharing the digital product, a compensation case can be started, where both the person who has shared the material and the person/persons who have received the material will be prosecuted.

In some cases it may be permitted to make prints for others than the buyer himself and if this is the case it will be described under the product description.

If you want to share something from this website with others, this is done either by copying the web address and pasting it on social media and then like or by making an agreement with me to use text and illustrations in a blog or article you are writing.

I reserve the right to cancel an agreement to use text and illustrations from doggybaggy.uk if I find out that the agreement is not being complied with or if the agreement is deemed to have a detrimental effect on the company. Upon cancellation of the agreement, all text and illustrations borrowed from doggybaggy.com must be deleted and all future use of this material is hereby punishable.


DOGGY BAGGY® cannot be held responsible for what journalists and others have chosen to write about and show in various media.


DOGGY BAGGY® reserves the right to block a user from the blog if the user has behaved inappropriately. DOGGY BAGGY® reserves the right to block a user who insists on using the blog to complain about an item or the company. This can be done in an email to the company.


You can send a complaint by using the contact form or the return form.


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This website is operated and owned by:


Tinghøjvej 19

8830 Tjele

CVR-nr. 40744843


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Reservations are made for typing errors, incorrect prices, incorrect translations et cetera, and if you have placed an order, this can be canceled in this case. If you discover an error on the website, you are very welcome to report this by using the contact form.